Green professionals report high levels of work satisfaction, study finds

Environment and sustainability professionals have high levels of work satisfaction because they find their jobs personally, professionally and financially rewarding, according to new research.

Statistics released by the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) show that 82% of its members are satisfied with their career – the highest figure ever recorded for this group.

With the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reporting that 77.6% of the UK consider themselves satisfied at work, those with environment and sustainability responsibilities now exceed the national average for professional happiness.

The current profile of the environment and sustainability profession evidenced by IEMA's annual survey explains why so many are happy at work; salaries are on the rise and are markedly ahead of the average national income, workers are highly qualified and keep their knowledge up-to-date, employer support for personal development is high and the nature of the work is rewarding.

Tim Balcon, CEO of IEMA said the results paint a healthy picture of a fast-evolving, dynamic profession: "This is a group of people who really bring their best to their work and the ability to make a difference is proving to be as satisfying as it is rewarding.

"The number of our members who feel very happy with their careers is up 11% in just one year which I think is proof that this is a profession that is heading in the right direction, and fast.

"UK Plc is seeing the value and opportunity in boosting environment and sustainability performance and is suitably rewarding the professionals responsible for keeping their business in business."

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