Green Genius’ first biogas plant in Poland under construction

Green Genius has started building its first biogas plant in Poland, with the support of Bank Pekao.

At the beginning of May, Green Genius, an international company with years of experience in developing renewable energy projects, started construction on the PLN 26 million (€5.69 million) project.

The new plant is being built in the village of Turowiec in south-eastern Poland and will mainly use agricultural raw materials, including beet pulp, distilling dregs, vegetable and fruit residues from juice production and other agricultural by-products.

To build the plant, Green Genius partnered with Bank Pekao, which will provide financial support. The plant will have a capacity of 999 kW and its productivity is estimated at around 8,200 MWh per year, saving approximately 87,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions over 15 years.

“We are glad that Bank Pekao supports us in achieving our goals, allowing us to build a green energy future for Poland,” said Rokas Bancevičius, chief financial officer of Green Genius.

“We believe that our previous international biogas projects, as well as our local activity in Poland, make us a valuable partner for the bank.”

Ruslan Sklepowicz, CEO of Green Genius, said that Poland has a significant yet undeveloped potential in this area of energy.

“According to estimates by national analysts, the biogas market can accommodate up to 3,800 more similar power plants,” said Sklepowicz. “The Turowiec power plant is our first, but certainly not our last biogas project in the country.

“Luckily, Poland has a transparent regulation and a favourable support system for the biogas market. It is these changes that have led Green Genius to enter this energy sector in Poland.

“In addition, we see great potential for biogas development as a result of the significant amount of biodegradable waste that is generated in Poland. The most sustainable way to manage them is just to convert them to biogas and organic fertilisers.

“We would like to add similar power plants with a total capacity of 20 MW to our portfolio within the next four years.”

Construction of the plant in Turowiec began on 11 May and is scheduled for completion in March 2022. Energy production will begin in the second half of 2022.

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