Green Gas Trading achieves ISO14065 standard for its biomethane certification scheme

UK based biomethane certification registry Green Gas Trading (GGT) has achieved ISO14065 standards for its verification scheme. GGT believe they are the first company in the world to be able to issue biomethane certification to this standard.

The achievement was announced at the recent Anaerobic Digestion Bioresources (ADBA) show at the NEC in Birmingham.

Green Gas Trading was set up to provide both a credible process for certifying biomethane and a trading platform to facilitate the trading of certificates. In May 2017, they became the first company in the UK to sell over 500,000MWh worth of biomethane certificates.

ISO14065 is a set of requirements for greenhouse gas validation and verification bodies for use in accreditation and other forms of recognition. It provides requirements for organisations or persons to quantify and verify their GHG emissions. George Trowbridge, scheme manager at GGT, told Bioenergy Insight that ISO14065 is “the highest standard you can go to.”

During a presentation at the ADBA show, Trowbridge said that GGT aims “to help everyone realise the green premium of biomethane.” A unique feature of the organisation’s certification scheme is that it also includes audit rules for biomethane plants, something which gives additional certainty to end users

Speaking to Bioenergy Insight, Trowbridge explained that the value of GGT’s certification scheme came in the level of detail it offered, allowing biomethane companies to explain the full background of their product. “You get to tell them about you,” he said.

This level of certification of biomethane in turn adds more value to a company’s product. “Whatever you do, the story in important.” Trowbridge said, in a presentation later in the day.


This article was written by Daryl Worthington, assistant editor of Bioenergy Insight


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