Green energy – mixing for the environment

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Jorg-Peter Lindner, technical sales manager - mixing technology specialist at SPX FLOW, explores technology surrounding mixing processes.
There are now over 9,600 biogas plants in Germany. A large part of Germany's power supply is generated through renewable energy sources (42.1% through renewable energy in the power, heating and transport sectors).
Biogas alone provided roughly 32,000 GWh in 2019. In Europe as a whole, biogas plants have not made as much of a breakthrough, but an increasing number of projects exist which attempt to generate biogas from waste products.
Mixing technology in biogas plants
In biogas plants, organic material is anaerobically converted into methane ina similar way to digestion towers in wastewater plants. In wastewater plants, the process is still relatively simple in terms of mixing technology because the mixture being agitated is usually only 3-6% made up of solid matter. By contrast, the solids content in biogas plants is in part significantly higher, at up to 22%. This therefore makes effective mixing technology somewhat more difficult to implement.
This means taking the size of the...

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