Green economic boom under threat

The UK government will fail to create its promised green economic boom if the treasury takes the wrong decisions in the Comprehensive Spending Review, according to a new report from the Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association (ADBA). The chancellor will make a decision on support for renewable heat in 20 October 2010.

The report claims that if the government fails to incentivise production at the right level, up to 30tWh of renewable energy a year, more than enough to heat Birmingham, the UK’s second largest city, could be lost. Despite committing to a ‘huge increase’ in energy from waste through anaerobic digestion in the coalition agreement, the government is still to define this and detail any support measures to achieve it.

If the UK’s targets on climate change are supported appropriately, biomethane from anaerobic digestion could meet up to 40% of the target for renewable heat production by 2020, the report explains. And according to estimates by the Carbon Trust, this could reduce the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions by 3.06 million tonnes a year.

The technical director of Monsal, a UK-based company dedicated to biogas, anaerobic digestion and biowaste energy solutions, and board director of ADBA Dorian Harrison said: ‘The anaerobic digestion industry has been held back far too long. We have got the expertise, the knowledge and the interest from potential customers. If the government does not set the right incentive now we will lose out to our European neighbours.’

Source: ADBA

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