Green Arrow Capital invests €75m in biomethane facilities

Green Arrow Capital, a major independent Italian operator specialising in alternative investments, has acquired several biomethane facilities.

Green Arrow, which also manages the Green Arrow Energy Fund (GAEF), has signed a binding agreement to acquire a majority stake in a company controlled by Lazzari & Lucchini, which owns a biomethane plant in Lombardy, Italy. The seller, which will remain a majority stakeholder, will be actively involved in managing the plant.

The acquisition forms part of a broader framework agreement, including the purchase of another five plants with a total value of approximately €75 million. According to Green Arrow, the agreement aims to regulate the acquisition of a majority and controlling stake in all six companies, each owning a biomethane facility in Lombardy.

Daniele Camponeschi, founding partner of Green Arrow Capital and CIO, said: “We are very satisfied with this deal that allows Green Arrow Capital to enter into an innovative, strategic and also new sector for our funds, where we plan to strengthen our presence, also thanks to our consolidated leadership in renewables.”

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