Grass is greener for Philippines sugar producer

Feedstock producer Viaspace has signed an agreement with Philippines-based sugar company Sagay Central (SC) to supply Giant King grass.

SC manufactures and mills 150,000 tonnes of sugar a year, in raw, washed and Muscavado formats, for both domestic market and export use. The deal has been done to help diversify its renewable energy operations.

‘We are happy to be working on this important biomass renewable energy project,’ says SC president Romie Cortez. ‘This fits well with our goal of diversifying our sugar operations in order to remain competitive in the local sugar market. We are looking forward to grow Giant King grass at our estate for energy production and for export to Korea and Japan.’

Viaspace CEO Carl Kukkonen adds that the climate and soil in Negros Occidental, where SC is based, is ‘perfect’ for his product to thrive.

‘Our grass grows well where sugarcane can be grown and, as well as the soil and climate, they have good rainfall and irrigation too. The Philippines is strongly encouraging renewable biomass electricity and we look forward to a long partnership with Sagay Central.’

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