Göteborg Energi makes €217.7m biomass boiler investment

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Göteborg Energi has decided to build a new biomass-fired steam boiler that will be integrated with the Rya heat and power plant in Sweden, with an investment of SEK 2.53 billion (€217.7 million).
The new biofuel-fired steam boiler will be integrated with Göteborg Energi's existing Rya heat and power plant.
The boiler is expected to contribute 156 megawatts of heat and 39 megawatts of electricity to the local energy system.
The plant is flexible and can run on several different types of biofuels. Forest chips (GROT) and recycled recycled wood (RT chips) from the region will mostly be used.
The facility is expected to be commissioned during the 2025/2026 heating season and will have a visually prominent role in the entrance to the Port of Gothenburg.
Similar facilities have previously been built in many different locations, including Borås, Gävle and Kalundborg in Denmark, according to the company.
Over the past year, intensive preparatory work has been underway in terms of permits, land conditions, technology and procurement of the project's central parts.
Valmet has been contracted as the supplier of the boiler itself. The external fuel handling will be supplied by Raumaster and the ground and concrete work will be handled by Veidekke Entreprenad.
The conversion of district heating is part of the City of Gothenburg's environmental and climate programme. The basis for the city's district heating is recycled heat from industry and waste incineration in combination with biofuels.
"This is a milestone for us and for the city's climate transition," said Per-Anders Gustafsson, CEO of Göteborg Energi. "I am both happy and proud that we are ready to take this final step in the transformation of district heating in a short time.
"With the new plant, we will be independent of natural gas and will be able to offer our customers 100% renewable and recycled district heating. We are also increasing security of supply, adding a new source of local electricity production and strengthening the competitiveness of district heating."
He went on to say: "The new biofuel-fired steam boiler in Rya is the most important piece of the puzzle, but we have also built a new bio-based hot water boiler in the Rya area and a new district heating line from Mölndal, where we get bio-based district heating into the southern part of the network. Other measures, such as new digitisation tools, are also important."
Gustafsson added: "Rya heat and power plant plays an important role in Sweden's electricity supply. By integrating the new boiler with our existing plant, we gain a great deal of flexibility, not least in terms of fuels. With the new facility in place, our system can handle almost all fuels on the market, which is reassuring for Gothenburg and its residents."

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