Goldman Sachs invests in Synthica Energy

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Sam Schutte, CEO of Synthica Energy, tells Bioenergy Insight how capital investment from Goldman Sachs will support the company’s long-term plans.
Synthica Energy is an energy transition platform aimed to design, build, own, and operate large-scale, contracted anaerobic digestion (AD) facilities to convert pre-consumer organic waste into renewable natural gas (RNG).
The company aims to provide industrial manufacturers with a greener outlet for their organic waste, and to provide North American utilities with reliable access to RNG.
“Distinct from many existing RNG developers, we focus on processing pre-consumer organic waste, such as expired grocery products, spent brewer’s yeast, and other byproducts of food manufacturing,” Schutte told Bioenergy Insight.
“We also use ‘urban-friendly digestion’, incorporating multiple layers of odour control technology to minimise local impact. As a result, we expect our facilities to seamlessly coexist in communities producing high amounts of organic waste.”
Goldman Sachs investment
The company hit the headlines in a big way, following an...

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