Global Hydrogen to launch modular micro biogas plants

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Global Hydrogen intends to launch modular micro biogas plants on the market in 2023 and has entered into an agreement with Tarpol to design, build, test and evaluate the technology of a prototype of a modular GH200 micro biogas plant with a capacity of up to 5kW, the company announced.
"The agreement with Tarpol is a step in the development of the second branch of the Global Hydrogen business. Thanks to this cooperation, we will be able to enter a completely new area - agri-food. A micro biogas plant with a capacity of up to 5kW is a solution that will be addressed to small and medium-sized farms and individual recipients. […] The signed agreement is directly related to earlier announcements of accelerating the commercialiaation of Global Hydrogen's technological solutions, said Zbigniew Lizoń, CEO of Global Hydrogen, quoted in the release.
The project will be implemented based on the patented SMBP (Self Mixing Biogas Plant) technology. Work on a new type of GH200 micro biogas installation will be carried out in five stages.
"In the initial phase, it is planned to develop a project, then build a full-scale prototype that can be configured and modified during tests, as well as tests of the created installation in conditions that fully reflect the target working environment. Finally, a project of mass production technology will be created, which will complement the construction of the line. The costs of this project are fully covered by Global Hydrogen. The project will also involve a subsidiary - Turbo Green Electric, which has an exclusive, unlimited territory, full license to use the SMBP (Self Mixing Biogas Plant) invention," the company said.



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