GHMC to set up biogas plant at Khaitlapur

Towards making Hyderabad a self-sustainable city, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has decided to generate wealth out of waste by setting up a 20-tonne capacity biogas plant at Khaitlapur Transfer Station located in the Kukatpally zone.
Transfer stations are the points where the garbage collected from households and other places is dumped temporarily before it is transported to the Jawahar Nagar dump yard for recycling. This biogas plant set up in Khaitlapur Transfer Station will convert the waste into Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).
The conversion process involves the wet waste collected from households and public places being crushed in the plant followed by the crushed waste being stored in a pre-digestion plant for three days and then being released into another tank. After the completion of this process, microorganisms are released into the tank and Methane gas is generated. And from the Methane, CNG is extracted.
This project is being funded by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL)- Balanagar, under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). According to the proposal, the company will fund Rs 4 crore to set up the plant with Rs 3 crore funded in the financial year 2022-23 and Rs 1 crore released during the 2023-24 financial year.
“The Khaitlapur Transfer Station has been proposed as a feasible location for the installation of this plant as it has been producing 200 to 300 metric tonnes of biowaste daily. The proposal to set up this plant will be placed before the GHMC Standing committee for approval,” said a GHMC official.
He further said that, with the waste being recycled on the site, the handling charges that are spent by the GHMC will reduce as the garbage will no longer be transported to the Jawaharnagar dump yard from the transfer station. “This environment conservation measure has many benefits to offer besides reducing the financial burden on the corporation,” he said.
Presently, around 6,500 metric tonnes of waste is generated every day in GHMC limits and the civic body, for better Solid Waste Management, has already strengthened its infrastructure by setting up Secondary Collection and Transfer Points (SCTPs).

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