GESS RNG Biogas USA acquires renewable gas plants

GESS RNG Biogas USA has acquired several existing and planned RNG production plants from partner GESS International.

The projects include locations in North Carolina, Missouri, Michigan, and Kansas. Additionally, GESS RNG Biogas has also acquired six existing and six new North Carolina RNG pipeline interconnect approvals, with no expiration dates.

The company has also established a partnership with BioWorks Energy to provide consulting and laboratory services. BioWorks Energy is considered an expert in anaerobic digestion technology in the US.

BioWorks and GESS RNG Biogas will partner on newly acquired projects, as well as collaborate on future biogas production facilities. GESS RNG Biogas will relocate its offices to Grand Blanc, Michigan, to be closer to BioWorks’ headquarters.

Additionally, GESS RNG Biogas has announced a partnership with sister company Cyclum Renewables, as the preferred RNG provider for Cyclum’s planned network of renewable fuel truck stops.

Cyclum’s director of sales, Drew McGovern, said: “We are excited for this collaborative partnership with GESS RNG Biogas, as we can support each other in our mission to make renewable fuels sourced from RNG more accessible to the transportation industry.”

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