German Pellets acquires Nord Energie

Wood pellet manufacturer and trader German Pellets has taken over the pellet business of Nord Energie, effective 16 February.

Nord Energie supplies wood pellets to consumers in Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg and northern Lower Saxony and has more than five years' experience in pellet trading and logistics. The acquisition by German Pellets includes its vehicle fleet, pellet storage resources and the workforce.

'The location in northern Schleswig-Holstein offers the opportunity to further expand the end-customer business in southern Denmark, using the facility as the connecting element that links our Wismar site with our Danish sales subsidiary,' says Peter Leibold, Germany Pellets MD.

The customers and workforce of Nord Energie will be integrated into the existing network of German Pellets.

The change will see customers now purchase their pellets directly from the manufacturer – premium pellets of the German Pellets brand, produced in northern Germany. This means that, for the first time, the Nord Energie customers can use the 'PowerPlus' process of product refinement, obtainable only from German Pellets. This technology refines wood pellets with a thin film of plant oil. As a result, the pellets' flow-capability is increased and 95% per cent less dust is generated when the pellets are blown into the storage area.

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