German AD plant maker announces JV with Active Business Partnerships

German anaerobic digestion (AD) plant manufacturer Agrafem Technologies has founded a new joint venture together with Active Business Partnerships (Active BP), a strategic agriculture and rural consultancy firm.

 The JV, named 4D AD Service, is offering tailor-made services for UK AD plants to assist with solutions and input to optimise performance. For three AD sites in the UK the terms are already in negotiation, Agrafem said in a statement.

 Both partners have worked closely on successfully developing several AD projects in the UK since 2011, Agrafem said.  The new company 4D AD will offer services in four dimensions: site management, technology, biological and bespoke.

 “We are really pleased to announce this new Joint Venture, as we feel the market is ready for these kind of services,” said Eike Liekweg, CEO Agraferm Technologies.

 He added: “Furthermore we realised that our two companies complement each other with complimentary skills: Active BP’s expertise in project development, feasibility studies and business plans match perfectly with Agraferm’s AD technology know-how.”

 Agraferm is engineering and building globally AD plants for more than ten years of which 17 are based in the UK.

 The company runs a UK service base since 2014. Active BP has been actively managing an AD plant since 2011 and works continuously on developing further projects.

 Currently the negotiation with an investor for full site management including site operators for three AD sites in the UK is already underway, Agraferm said.


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