Geo Biogas and Prumo sign MoU for Port of Açu biogas plant

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Geo Biogas & Carbon, a leader in the development of the biogas chain in Brazil, and Prumo Logística, the holding company responsible for developing Açu port, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to deliver a feasibility study for the potential installation of a biogas plant at Port of Açu, Brazil.
The MoU stiupulates that the plant's installation will undergo evaluation, as well as the use of Port of Açu's supporting logistics infrastructure, including purification plants, biofuel production, liquefaction and a low-carbon hydrogen production unit.
The unit will be the first dedicated to the production of biogas in the Port of Açu, and the objective is that the biogas can serve companies located in the port complex.
With proprietary technology from Geo Biogas & Carbon, the plant is expected to have a production capacity of 200 thousand m³/day of biomethane.
Studies must be carried out for up to two years until the investment decision is made.
Alessandro Gardemann, CEO of Geo Biogas & Carbon, said: “The possibility of this new plant is the materialisation of the plan announced to the market with a focus on expansion in renewable businesses, allowing decarbonisation in industries that have difficult-to-reduce emissions, such as maritime transport, mining and green steel".
“The location of Porto do Açu will facilitate the flow of products generated from biogas, such as biomethane, to the main consumer region of the country, the Southeast," said Mauro Andrade, director of business development at Prumo.
"Prumo's business strategy is to make this port the best platform for renewable energy projects in the country, promoting low-carbon industrialisation.
"From the gas generated through biomass, derivative products can emerge, such as biomethane and SAF, which are on our radar, and also for industrial consumption in other plants already installed and under study in Açu,” Andrade concluded.

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