Genia Bioenergy receives EU funding for biogas plant in Romania

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Spanish company Genia Bioenergy will construct a biogas plant for the municipality of Seleuș, in western Romania, reported Retema.
The purpose of this plant is to offer a sustainable solution to the management of 60,000 tons of livestock and agricultural waste per year through the generation of renewable energy from which both the city council and residents can benefit.
This municipal promotion plant has a budget close to €3 million euros, and will solve local problems with the management of animal waste in a predominantly agricultural and livestock area, while providing residents with electricity at a reduced price and heating for free.
The forecast is for it to come into operation in October of this year.
The project has a 1 MW cogeneration engine that will produce electricity from the biogas generated to sell to the grid and to which the residents and companies of Seleuș will have access at a price below the market price.
The heat is used through a district heating or heat distribution network that will supply hot water to all the homes in the municipality and even to livestock farms and local businesses.
The digestates resulting from the process will also be applied locally to improve agriculture for human and animal nutrition.
The municipality of Seleuș has reveived funding from the European Union for the project. According to Bernat Chulià, director of Genia Bioenergy: “The key has been to be able to present a project fully adapted to the needs of the scenario for Seleuș, but with the robustness that an agroindustrial plant requires and the standardization necessary to meet the deadlines established for the project".

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