Geminor to import 50,000 tonnes of waste wood to UK

International resource management company Geminor has announced plans to import 50,000 tonnes of waste wood into the UK for recycling.

The first shipment of treated waste wood arrived in the UK from Norway, representing the start of a steady stream of waste wood into the UK market. The loads of waste wood managed by Geminor will be used in the domestic biomass market and panel board industry.

Oliver Caunce, senior account and development manager at Geminor UK, said: “We are seeing a trend of increased demand for waste wood in the UK, which is also confirmed by recent data from the Wood Recyclers’ Association (WRA).

“A higher domestic recovery capacity is surpassing the current waste wood supply, which opens for import from Europe for the first time in Geminor history.

“COVID-19 has, to some extent, affected the supply of waste wood, but as industry activity is returning, the market deficit is becoming more apparent. The market has also reversed due to several new biomass energy-from-waste plants coming online with demand for more waste wood for recovery.”

The WRA reported a drop in waste wood exports from the UK by 39% in 2019. Geminor managed the supply of more than 185,000 tonnes of waste wood across Europe and Scandinavia in 2019 for both recycling and recovery. The firm says waste wood is a growth area that is becoming important to its UK business, which until now, primarily has been exporting RDF fuels from the UK market.

“The waste wood import to the UK is an important milestone for Geminor UK,” said Caunce, “and we are expecting to increase this import further by entering more contracts in the coming year.

“In addition to Scandinavia, France, Germany and the Benelux are surplus waste wood markets that will supply the UK recycling and recovery industries in the time to come.”

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