GEA Westfalia awarded €1m contract

In Shandong province, China, the world's first industrial-scale plant for CO2 storage by algae is being developed.

And GEA Westfalia Group, Oelde, Germany, has been awarded a €1 million contract which will see the company supply three high-performance separators for harvesting and washing of the algae.

The algae are cultivated by feeding purified flue gas from the coal-fired power plant into the algae suspension. The algae convert the CO2 into proteins, lipids and carbohydrates with the aid of sunlight.

The separators from Westfalia handle the core process of harvesting the algae biomass and washing it in fresh water in a second stage. The algae are finally dried and used as high-grade proteins.

Westfalia’s three separators will enable the plant to store approximately 2,500kg of CO2 a day.

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