Gasum to supply cleantech firm Forchem with liquefied biogas

Gasum has agreed to supply cleantech company Forchem Oy with liquefied biogas (LBG) for the Forchem tall oil biorefinery in Rauma, Finland.

Forchem supplies products for global actors in various markets and switched to using liquefied natural gas (LNG) in 2019. It operates around the principles of sustainable development and minimising environmental impacts.

Gasum's LBG will be received at the Forchem reception terminal before it is vaporised and used in the company's production processes. The switch from LNG to LBG is simple, with no need for additional spend.

"This is the first time we delivered LBG to Forchem," said Tommy Mattila, sales director at Gasum. "LBG is an environmentally-friendly fuel and we offer it for a variety of industrial needs. LNG and LBG can both be delivered using the same equipment, and the switch to LBG can be made without any additional investments.

"At Gasum, we're strongly expanding our LNG and LBG distribution network to meet our customers' needs relating to their efforts to meet their emission reduction requirements. The construction of the LNG infrastructure also enables the introduction of LBG in the future."

LBG has the same properties as LNG and is suitable for use as a road and maritime transport fuel and industrial purposes. According to Gasum, by switching to LBG, industrial operators can achieve "significant cuts" in greenhouse gas lifecycle emissions. The biogas it produces comes from biodegradable side-streams of industrial and other enterprises, as well as from consumer biowaste.


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