Gasum partners with EV charging firm for Oslo green energy station

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Nordic energy company Gasum is set to open a pioneering green energy station in Oslo, marking an important expansion of the biogas infrastructure there.
The company's partnership with Mer, an EV charging infrastructure and services provider, has resulted in the provision of eight charging points in addition to compressed biogas (CBG) at the same location.
A completely new, innovative green energy station Oluf Onsums Vei in Oslo has been announced. The station sells compressed biogas (CBG).
"Mer was an early mover in building a nationwide charging network in Norway, and naturally, we are very pleased to provide charging stations at Ryen's fully green energy station. It is an exciting and appropriate collaboration concept that aligns perfectly with our strategy and vision of making eco-friendly travel easy for everyone," said Malene Brøvig, head of public charging at Mer.
Expansion of biogas provision in Oslo
Although there is already a good infrastructure for filling up with compressed biogas around Oslo, no biogas has been available along the E6 south of Oslo until now, according to Gasum.
The opening of this station means that everyone wishing to use biogas as a fuel for local distribution and drive through toll points free of charge can now do so, it added.
“The station has become a reality thanks to the municipality of Oslo and its climate agency, which launched a competition to decide who would be allowed to establish a green energy station featuring several green technologies.
"Gasum won the tender and invited Mer to join them in providing charging points at the station. Sharing an area with several forms of energy is the new standard for infrastructure construction in Norway. This will help us to do more with less space and co-location also delivers synergy benefits,” said Jogeir Munkeby, sales manager at Gasum.
New customers and a financial contribution from Enova
Customers who want to refuel at the station include PostNord, which applied to Enova for a financial contribution for delivery trucks.
This was the incentive for Gasum to get Enova to support the filling station, it said. Besides delivery trucks, construction industry trucks and maxi-taxis will also use the filling station.
“Gasum had long worked to establish a filling station in Ryen and so is pleased that we are now up and running. The station supplies compressed biogas and will contribute to reducing our customers’ greenhouse gas emissions locally in Oslo. At the same time, the station is centrally located regarding the main road network and will be able to supply our national customers on the way to, from or through Oslo,” Jogeir concluded.
Benefits to society with biogas
The filling station is part of Gasum’s continuously expanding filling station network. The new station in Oslo comes shortly after Gasum’s recently opened filling station in Ålesund.
There are further plans to open several new stations towards the end of this year and during the next few years.
Gasum said it has identified a growing interest in biogas among Norwegian logistics companies and increasing the number of biogas filling stations will make us well placed to respond to this growing demand.

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