Gasum opens Europe’s northernmost LBG filling station

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Gasum has opened its newest gas filling station in Keminmaa, Finland. The new station is the first gas filling station in Finnish Lapland, Gasum’s second northernmost filling station and Europe’s northernmost liquefied biogas (LBG) filling station.
The Keminmaa station serves heavy duty transport and passenger cars because it allows refueling with liquefied and compressed biogas.
“The station is well placed to serve traffic in Finland heading for Rovaniemi and Tornio and further on towards Sweden," said Juho Kurra, head of business, traffic Finland at Gasum.
"Gasum aims to further improve the availability of biogas in Northern Finland in the near future – demand is constantly growing, and we’ve received many requests for new stations in Lapland. Hopefully, we’ll soon be able to announce some new projects in the region."
First gas truck for the Pohjaset Group
The Pohjaset Group is a family-owned business, whose business activity also include logistics and recycling services. The Group’s operating area covers Finland from Jyväskylä northwards and Northern Sweden.
The first gas filling station in Finnish Lapland is almost on the Pohjaset Group's own doorstep and convinced the company to acquire the first gas truck for its vehicle fleet. The truck will be on the road from early 2024.
“The Keminmaa filling station means that we can use biogas and offer low-emission transportation to our customers since now that the station is open, we will be able to run on biogas throughout almost our entire operating area," said Petri Pohjanen, logistics services BU manager.
The company is already planning to acquire several more gas vehicles for its fleet as the gas filling station network continues to expand in Northern Finland.
Biogas reduces emissions cost effectively
Biogas is a very low-emission fuel alternative since the lifecycle emissions of biogas are 90% lower on average compared to traditional fossil fuels.
Already now, biogas accounts for almost 100% of the gas sold by Gasum as a transport fuel for all vehicle segments.
Gasum’s strategic goal is to bring 7 TWh of renewable gas yearly to market by 2027.
This amount would mean annual savings of 1.8 million tons in carbon dioxide emissions for Gasum’s customers.
The Keminmaa gas filling station received funding from the EU’s Connecting Europe Facility.


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