Gasum begins biogas test deliveries for Finnish Border Guard

Gasum has started biogas test deliveries for the Finnish Border Guard.

The purpose of these deliveries is to test logistics and practicalities on board, as well as demonstrate biogas as a renewable energy source in maritime transport.

The deliveries from Gasum’s plant in Risavika, Norway and the biogas plant in Turku, Finland, to Helsinki will demonstrate liquefied biogas (LBG) as a fossil-free and 100% renewable fuel suited to the needs of the maritime industry.

“We are happy to be forerunners in environmentally friendly shipping practices,” said Commander Marko Aheristo, the head of the ship technical unit at the Finnish Border Guard.

“Through these test deliveries, we will expect to gain more experience on using biogas and to further support our efforts to reach the carbon neutrality goals Finland has set for 2035.”

The Finnish Government plans for the country to be carbon-neutral by 2035, meaning significant cuts are required in the transport sector on land and sea. By opting for biogas, it is possible to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90%, making it the cleanest marine fuel available.

Jacob Granqvist, vice-president marine at Gasum, said: “Gasum has supported the Finnish Border Guard’s LNG-fuelled offshore patrol vessel Turva since the beginning of her operations, and now we are very happy to continue this journey with LBG deliveries.

“Using biogas alongside LNG in marine transport is a new step forward in decarbonising the shipping industry and we are looking forward to completing more successful trials with biogas in the near future.”

If you wish to learn more about what Gasum is doing in the biogas sector, Johan Gron, head of the company's biogas business unit, will be speaking at this year’s International Biogas Congress & Expo in Brussels on 19-20 October. For more information go to: bioenergy-news.com/conference.

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