Gasum acquires major biogas plant in Sweden

Gasum has acquired a biogas plant from Torran Gas Holding in Sweden.

With the right feedstock, the Skövde Biogas plant could produce up to 40 GWh. The plant, along with Gasum’s biogas plants in Lidköping and Vadsbo (50% ownership) and a planned facility in Götene, will allow the company to boost its biogas production capacity.

The acquisition will also enable Gasum to optimise raw material sourcing and distribution between its other plants.

Johanna Lamminen, Gasum’s CEO, said: “The transaction is an integral part of Gasum’s strategy execution to accelerate growth for cleaner fuel solutions across the Nordics.

“We are excited about this acquisition, as it allows us to increase our volumes of in-house produced biogas and add greater value to our existing portfolio of biogas plants.”

The addition of the Skövde plant will help to facilitate large-scale biogas production in the area and will also produce bio-fertilisers to be used on surrounding farms.

According to Gasum, potential suppliers with considerable volumes of excess raw material need a stable partner that can receive and process a wide range and large quantities of waste-based feedstocks.

Gasum can obtain these materials from locations that would otherwise be considered beyond the bounds of its network of local biogas facilities.

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