Gasrec to open biogas filling station

Gasrec, a supplier of liquefied gas fuel for transport, has announced it will launch an 'open access bio-LNG filling station in the UK's southwest on 1 June.

The new low emission station is part of a growing national network and will initially supply around 30 heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) run by a number of existing Gasrec customers.

The facility and others in Gasrec's network will help HGV fleet operators cut fuel and pollution costs and will assist the government to meet its long-term carbon reduction targets and improve air quality, particularly through the reduction in harmful SOx, NOx and particulate matter emissions.

'Many transport fleet operators recognise the need to make substantial cuts in their emissions. While HGVs only represent 1% of UK road vehicles, they produce a disproportionate 20% of carbon emissions from UK road transport and a significantly higher proportion of the more dangerous particulate matter and other noxious elements,' explains Ben Sawford, Gasrec's chief commercial officer.

Gasrec says it is working with retail and distribution customers to develop a network of bio-LNG filling stations across the UK. Last year, the company secured European funding through the TEN-T programme to develop, by the end of 2015, five 'open-access' stations in the UK, and two mobile stations in continental Europe.

The Bridgewater site will be a state-of-the-art pumped LNG filling station, supplying the company's proprietary low emission bio-LNG fuel. The flexible and modular facility will have the capacity to supply up to 80 vehicles per day although it will ultimately be expanded to replicate Gasrec's Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal, which is now capable of fuelling up to 700 gas vehicles daily.

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