Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine launches online “Biomethane talks”

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The Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine (GTSOU) has launched a series of online meetings as part of a project entitled "Biomethane talks" with business representatives, experts and government agencies.
During the first discussion on the topic "Biomethane industry: the experience of the Czech Republic", Martin Schwartz, head of the biomethane section of the Czech Biomass Association (BIOM), spoke about the development of biomethane in his nation.
Representatives of the authorities, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Bioenergy Association and Ukrainian businesses considered real-life examples of the successful development of biomethane enterprises in the EU, and also posed questions to the speaker.
Schwartz said that the European Commission sees Ukraine as a potentially significant player in the hydrogen and biomethane energy sector. He also mentioned the role of Ukraine in the BIP-EU, the new partnership that was announced in Brussels this summer:
"This partnership aims to produce 35 billion cubic meters of environmentally friendly biomethane by 2035 at the latest as a replacement for fossil gas imported to the EU from Russia. It has been foreseen by EU representatives that European member states cannot produce enough biomethane and therefore the EU Commission considers Ukraine as a potential market for biomethane production," he said.
According to experts, for Ukraine to reach its ambitious objective – the production of 1 billion cubic meters of biomethane by 2030 –
some two-to-three plants should be connected to the grid every month, starting from 2023.
"Ukrainian biomethane production projects should be launched with the support and participation of international investors with experience in scaling and exporting renewable gases. We are open to such cooperation with partners. After all, the best way to help Ukraine is to do business in Ukraine," said Olga Bielkova, director of government and international affairs at GTSOU.
GTSOU said in a statement it is interested and ready to connect biomethane producers to the grid, subject to compliance with the gas specifications set out in the GTS Code. The firm said this will allow it to realise the export potential and cover domestic demand, increasing energy security not only in Ukraine but also in Europe.


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