Gas processing contract in Stockholm awarded to Schmack Carbotec

Schmack Carbotech, a supplier of complete systems for biogas projects, has been awarded a contract to build a plant, with a processing capacity of 2,000 Nm3/hr of raw biogas, in Sofielund Huddinge, Stockholm.

Gas with a methane content of 97% after purification will be produced for use as a biofuel in vehicles powered by natural gas. Locally sourced organic waste and leftover cooking grease will be used as raw material for the plant.

In a statement, Schmack Carbotec said the acceptance of and demand for environmentally friendly technologies are high in Sweden, with 40% of newly licensed cars operating either with biogas or electricity.

After completion, slated for Q1 2015, the plant will produce biogas with an energy yield of almost 100 million kWh annually. This is enough to supply approximately 5,000 vehicles travelling an average of 20,000km per year. The city of Stockholm is therefore increasing its proportion of biomethane to 50% starting in 2015.

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