Future Biogas acquired by 3i Infrastructure

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Future Biogas has been acquired by FTSE 250-listed firm 3i Infrastructure - which has a portfolio worth over £3.4 billion (3.8bn).
The funding from 3i Infrastructure’s funding and support means Future Biogas can push on with its Project Carbon Harvest, its venture to "design and operate the next generation of AD plants delivering Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) while helping to decarbonise UK farming".
BECCS is critical to the UK’s delivery of net zero. Future Biogas said its new BECCS sites are on-track to become the UK’s first to capture bio-CO2 from biogas for permanent geological storage.
This process actively removes carbon from the atmosphere, reversing GHG emissions.
The firm's business model is built around operating without the need for government subsidy.
Consequently, this model has the potential to break biomethane dependence on government support (eg, RHI, GGSS) – saving the government money whilst helping to reach Net Zero.
Future Biogas expects to open its first new plant this summer.

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