FuturaGene opens R&D centre in China

FuturaGene, a woody crop plantation company for the bioenergy and biofuel markets, has opened a new biotech R&D centre in China.

Although Futuragene has been working in China through partnerships with universities and research institutes over the last six years, this is the first such centre of its kind for the company in the country.

Stanley Hirsch, CEO of FuturaGene, says: ‘China, with continuously growing demand for fibre and renewable energy sources provides a huge challenge and opportunity.

‘We have worked for a number of years through public-private partnerships to develop some of these solutions in China. The establishment of our own facility will serve as the focal point for driving these partnerships in the local environment.’

The main crops Futuragene grows are eucalyptus and poplar and the company’s technology is often used to improve yield within the forestry industry.

FuturaGene’s key crops are eucalyptus and poplar and its most advanced technologies are for yield improvement in sustainable industrial forestry.

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