FuturaGene and GXAS collaborate for sustainable biofuel production

FuturaGene, a company dedicated to enhancing the yield and sustainability of woody crops for biofuels and biopower, and Guangxi Academy of Sciences (GXAS) have entered into a development agreement.

Under the agreement, FuturaGene and GXAS, which is primarily focussed on bioenergy research and the development of non-food crops, will develop and optimise second generation biofuel production from woody biomass such as eucalyptus.

FuturaGene will supply raw material from eucalyptus species which have been selected for optimal growth in the Guangxi region. These species will undergo classic breeding and genetic enhancement to improve yield and stress tolerance.

GXAS will develop analysis selection methodologies for the early selection of tree species suited for biofuel production and optimised industrial process for the transformation of the wood-based raw material into biofuels.

'This is our fourth major agreement in China with key institutions and corporates,' says Stanley Hirsch, CEO of FuturaGene. 'GXAS, situated in an important forestry province, is a key institute in the development of sustainable, non-food crop based biofuel processes in China. Together we aim to develop extensive wood-based raw material with advanced industrial costs materially in the production of bioenergy.'

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