FuelCell Energy sells three power plants

A manufacturer of fuel cell power plants, FuelCell Energy has sold 4.8MW of power plants to renewable energy firm California-based Biofuels Fuel Cells.

The deal consists of three power plants, including a 2.8MW plant, a 1.4MW model and a 300kW plant. FuelCell Energy will then use them to convert biogas into electric power.

According to FuelCell the 300kW plant will be used to generate power to purify biogas created at the Point Loma wastewater treatment plant in San Diego. The biogas will then be injected into an existing gas pipeline and transferred to the two larger fuel cell power plants, which will be installed at two different locations in the San Diego area. This wastewater facility treats around 175 million gallons of wastewater each day.

Meanwhile, the 2.8MW fuel cell plant will be installed at the University of California-San Diego and will supply renewable energy to the campus electrical grid.

And in another part of San Diego the 1.4MW plant is destined for the South Bay Water Reclamation Plant to provide base-load power, replacing power purchased from the electric grid.

It has been estimated that the three plants will generate around $2.6 million (€1.87 million) over a 10-year period from payments made by BioFuels Energy for the biogas.

All three plants will be up and running by mid-2011, with FuelCell Energy servicing the plants under a long-term service contract.

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