Frontier facilitates $58.3m biomass carbon removal and storage deal with Vaulted Deep

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Frontier has facilitated offtake agreements with biomass carbon removal and storage (BiCRS) provider Vaulted Deep, that injects carbon-rich organic waste deep underground for permanent storage.
Frontier buyers will pay $58.3 million (€54.3 million) to permanently remove 152,480 tons of CO₂ between 2024 and 2027, with options to purchase more tons from future projects at lower prices.
Frontier buyers were Vaulted's first customers in September 2023 through a small prepurchase of 1,666 tons—all of which have already been delivered and verified.
This offtake agreement enables Vaulted to commission three new wells that are sited to optimise feedstock availability, transportation and well capacity.
Vaulted's approach starts with plants that naturally draw down CO₂ from the atmosphere via photosynthesis.
Much of that ends up as carbon-rich waste in the form of biosolids, manure, food or agricultural waste that is incinerated, landfilled or spread on land.
As that waste burns or decomposes, the once-captured CO₂ is released back into the atmosphere.
Vaulted prevents that from happening by turning that waste into a carbon-rich slurry and then injecting it into deep disposal wells for permanent geologic storage.
The volume of carbon removed is measured by weighing the carbon in the biomass and subtracting emissions generated at every stage in the process, including transportation and energy usage.
Vaulted said that waste biomass has the potential to deliver >300Mt of carbon removal annually in the US alone and a potential for 5Gt of capacity globally in theory.
It can be injected underground using Class V injection wells or their equivalents, widely used to safely dispose of byproducts generated by industrial and agricultural activities.
These wells can be built in a large variety of locations, making storage functionally unlimited for this approach.
Julia Reichelstein, CEO at Vaulted Deep, said: "Vaulted's technology, developed by Advantek, has been primed to address carbon removal for decades, even before there was a market. Technologies like ours that can scale quickly without compromising durability or quality will lead the way. Our proven CDR is what makes possible Frontier's largest offtake to date."
Hannah Bebbington, strategy lead at Frontier, commented: "Vaulted went from inception to delivering thousands of tons in just four months and is now among the first carbon removal companies to sign a multi-million dollar offtake agreement. This shows what's possible when the expertise of traditional industry players is repurposed for carbon removal."

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