From waste to wheels: harnessing the power of biogas for electric vehicles

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Biogas and electric vehicles (EVs) should be crossing paths, rather than crossing wires. Callum Russell, EV expert and owner of Charging at Home, looks at the crossover potential.
As global efforts continue to decarbonise and transition towards sustainable energy, the potential of biogas as a renewable source stands out.
Meanwhile, EVs, another powerful tool for sustainable transition, are rapidly gaining traction. This article explores the promising intersection of these two technologies: using biogas as a power source for EVs.
Understanding biogas
The appeal of biogas lies in its renewable nature and its potential to turn waste into energy. Using organic waste for energy production contributes to waste management and reduces the release of methane — a potent greenhouse gas — into the atmosphere.
However, biogas also brings challenges. The initial setup costs for biogas production plants can be high, and the production process depends on the availability of organic waste, which can be inconsistent. Nonetheless, advancements in technology and supportive policies are helping to overcome these hurdles.
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