Freedom Environmental to construct a waste-to-energy facility

Green wastewater management company Freedom Environmental Services, headquartered in Orlando, US, has signed a contract that will see 26 acres of unused land in Brevard County developed into a waste-to-energy facility.
The planned facility and full service wastewater treatment will make use of developed technologies such as anaerobic digestion (AD) and it is thought that this has the ability to generate more green electricity from the same amount of fuel than would be possible from simply burning it.
The AD process is a much more resourceful method of treating wet organic material and it is extremely efficient in treating waste matter and sewage. The technology utilises much more of the organic matter that might otherwise have been disposed of in the ocean. The end product is a biogas rich in methane and carbon dioxide that can then be used for the generation of energy.
Freedom’s CEO Michael Borish said: ‘We predict that this is the next “big wave” in recycling and green technology. In addition to serving Freedom’s needs, we anticipate, but cannot guarantee, our…facility will attract use by our competitors, creating additional revenue stream for Freedom.’
A spokesperson for the company explained that Freedom would soon be reaping the benefits from selling not only the biogas but also the nutrient-rich fertiliser produced at the facility.

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