France debates converting Cordemais coal power generators to biomass

According to Reuters, the French government and utility EDF are going to study the possibility of converting the 1.2GW Cordemais coal power generators to burn biomass.

Reuters reports that President Emmanuel Macron’s government is set to phase out electricity production from the country’s remaining coal-fired power plants by 2022. The government also plans to reduce France’s dependence on nuclear power, while also boosting the developing greener energies.

The ministry and state-controlled utility EDF, are studying to convert the power station to biomass, as they are ‘anxious’ to guarantee French electricity supply. Reuters state that French power grid operator RTE has said that the plan to shut down several coal and nuclear generators could leave the country largely dependent on neighbours during peak demand periods.   

EDF added that the Cordemais conversion project would only be considered under the condition that the sites power production would be deemed necessary to assure French security of supply after 2022.  

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