Former WWTP transformed into bioenergy park in Bundaberg, Australia

The Bundaberg bioHub industrial park in Queensland, Australia, formerly a decommissioned wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), has opened its doors to prospective bioenergy, food, and fertiliser industry tenants.

Bioenergy developer Utilitas Group partnered with Bundaberg Regional Council to purchase the former East Bundaberg WWTP to create an industrial park focused on renewable natural gas (RNG), biomethane, and hydrogen.

Utilitas Group and local gas network owner AGIG are jointly assessing the feasibility of green gas from the Bundaberg bioHub going into the Bundaberg gas distribution network via a new connection.

The region’s Mayor Jack Dempsey said the project will “invigorate” the decommissioned WWTP and create new jobs in a “dynamic, future-focused industry”. “Bundaberg is poised to become the bio-manufacturing capital of Queensland and Australia,” said Dempsey.

“Bundaberg will be the showcase bioHub site for Utilitas, which will make us a role model for the rest of Australia.

“Repurposing our retired East Bundaberg WWTP as part of a next-generation bioHub will help attract and develop industry leaders in the growing bio-manufacturing sector.”

Utilitas’ chief executive, Fiona Waterhouse, said: “Our supply chain partners, Green Eco Technologies, Grenof, ENGV, Energy360, Scania, New Holland, and ReCarbon, have told us how important it is to provide an ‘expo park’ to showcase the technologies and new business models for this new asset class in Australia.

“We are very excited to be working with waste industry innovators, GET, supplier of the WasteMaster organic waste management system on display at the Bundaberg bioHub.”

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