Forever Fuels increases pellet supply

UK-based wood pellet supplier Forever Fuels is investing £2 million (€2.3 million) that will double the company's capacity to supply wood pellets in England and Wales.

The investment will see Forever Fuels invest £1 million in five distribution depots and £1 million in seven pellet-delivery vehicles.

The depots will be installed at sites near Carmarthen, Middlewich, Carlisle, Darlington and Cambridge. These new additions, along with Forever Fuels' existing network stores at Retford, Avonmouth, Maidenhead and Okehampton, will bring the local distribution of wood pellets within easy reach of many parts of England and Wales, reducing the energy, environmental and economic costs of supplying them.

Speaking about the plans, the company's managing director Bruno Prior explained that it is 'a qualified vote of confidence in the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). The RHI provides a powerful incentive to stop wasting our precious fossil fuels on producing heat. The government has provided the means and with this investment we are providing the security and quality of fuel supply to enable organisation across the country to make the switch to renewable, wood pellet heating,' he continues.

Forever Fuels and Eurofab Engineering Structures collaborated to design the depot and Eurofab is making the units and its Dungannon, Northern Ireland-based factory. The depots have been designed in way that will improve the quality and efficiency of the wood pellet supply process.

'We have developed an innovative system for the effective distribution of wood pellets, and feel that the renewable energy sector provides an opportunity for us to use our design and engineering experience to secure employment and helps to ensure the reduction in use of fossil fuels,' comments Paul McKenna, product development managing of Eurofab.

The wood pellets will be transported in pressurised tankers provided by Feldbinder UK. Pressurised tankers are the standard way to deliver wood pellets in countries where pellet heating is well-established, such as Austria, Sweden and Germany, as they ensure the fuel is delivered is good condition, enable weighing-accuracy and are suitable for coping with various impediments on site, including gradients and overhead obstacles.

'This range of Feldbinder tankers has been specifically designed for the distribution for wood pellets,' explains Shaun Hurst, sales manager of Feldbinder UK, a global supplier of pressurised tankers. 'Working closely with Forever Fuels, we have evolved this model further to offer the latest technology available, with enhanced control systems, weighing facilities and ground-floor operation.'

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