Foodservice provider Moy Park orders 50 bio-LNG trucks

Foodservice provider Moy Park has placed the largest single order of IVECO natural gas trucks in the UK.

The Northern Irish firm has committed to the mass decarbonisation of its transport operation with 50 bio-LNG IVECO Stralis NP trucks.

As concerns grow over the vehicular impact on the environment, Moy Park has turned to bio-LNG fuelled trucks to help ‘green’ its logistics operation. Supplied by South West Truck & Van in Avonmouth, the 50 trucks are destined to run from the company’s Sleaford and Ashbourne facilities, delivering food products to regional delivery hubs and directly to supermarkets.

The bio-LNG will be sourced through anaerobic digestion, with Roadgas commissioning an on-site refuelling station and providing an extensive training course to those involved in its operation. Creating gas fuels through AD means that Moy Park can take advantage of significant emissions reductions.

“Moy Park’s in-house trials have demonstrated that vehicles running on biomethane reduced CO2 emissions by more than 80%,” said Hugh Nicholson, Moy Park’s director of logistics. “Following these extensive trials of alternative fuels and vehicle providers, we are investing in 50 LNG HGV trucks from IVECO.

“This is a huge step forward in transitioning our own entire core fleet of 120 tractor units to gas by 2023, and we also plan to work with our third-party logistics partners in their CO2 reduction programmes as part of our overall Net Zero Carbon Strategy.”

Moy Park has maintained a zero waste to landfill policy since 2015. The biogas trucks, run via a five-year IVECO Capital ops lease, are expected to cover around 160,000 kilometres annually, which Moy Park estimates will offset approximately 5,600 tonnes of CO2 annually.

IVECO’s heavy business line director, Gareth Lumsdaine, commented: “Over the past decade, Moy Park has worked exceptionally hard to make impressive progress in the decarbonisation of its business.

“We’re honoured that IVECO’s experience in sustainable transport solutions has been recognised in that our vehicles have been chosen to assist in the bid to meet some ambitious net-zero targets.”

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