Fluxys LNG terminal to offer bio-LNG liquefaction services

Belgian company Fluxys LNG is organising a subscription window for bio-LNG liquefaction services at the Zeebrugge LNG Terminal.

Fluxys mainly acts as a natural gas transmission operator and its infrastructure comprises pipelines and the Zeebrugge terminal. The company’s new bio-LNG service was launched to offer full decarbonisation options for heavy-duty trucks and ships.

The subscription window, which was opened on 9 December and will close on 23 December, is a ‘highly attractive opportunity’ for terminal users to book bio-LNG liquefaction services. Customers will be able to book capacity for three years.

According to International Sustainability and Carbon Certification framework, the LNG terminal at Zeebrugge is certified as a conversion unit, transforming biomethane into bio-LNG. This enables the terminal to be part of the bio-LNG supply chain.

Fluxys teams have developed an innovative method enabling terminal users to convert biomethane into bio-LNG and load up to one hundred trucks and two bunker ships with bio-LNG in 2021.

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