Florida City Gas RNG Service tariff approved

Florida City Gas (FCG) can now offer services to convert biogas into renewable natural gas (RNG) and receive and transport RNG through its distribution system on behalf of the biogas producer.

The Florida Public Service Commission approved Florida City Gas’s RNG Service tariff on 5 January. According to the firm, RNG reduces total greenhouse gas emissions and RNG use offsets natural gas demand for the utility’s biogas-producing customers. This potential offset could allow for new growth in FCG’s service territory.

Under the tariff, FCG would contract to construct and operate RNG facilities on behalf of the customer. The RNG produced would be used on-site by the customer, or injected into FCG’s distribution system on behalf of the customer.

FCG has received enquiries from residential, commercial, and industrial customers about RNG availability. The company serves approximately 114,000 natural gas customers in southern Florida.

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