Florida bioenergy association wants ethanol kept on the menu

The Florida Biofuels and Bioenergy Association wants state governor Rick Scott to veto a bill that would lift the 2008 state law requiring petrol sold by a terminal suppliers or wholesalers to be blended with ethanol.

‘We are disappointed in this step by the Florida Legislature as they’re telling both investors and the people who are working in bioenergy, biofuel and biotechnology that Florida is closed for business,’ the FBBA said in a statement. ‘The worst part about this is it does nothing to actually change the composition of petrol in the state of Florida, yet it does a lot to kill jobs and kill investment.’

The bill was approved 33-1 in the Senate on 24 April after the House voted to support the measure 77-39 earlier that month.

Supporters of the repeal argued the requirement damages engines and drives up fuel and food costs.

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