Flix and Scania announce biogas bus partnership

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German brand Flix and Scania have announced a long-term partnership to develop new solutions for sustainable mobility.
Initially, Scania will be providing the German brand, which offers intercity bus services across Europe, North America and Brazil, with up to 50 Bio-LNG (LBG) coaches by 2025.
The vehicles, based on Irizar’s i6s Efficient coaches, will be fitted with Scania’s chassis and LNG powertrain, which has been developed to interchange between LNG and LBG.
The coaches will run on a mixture of LBG and LNG to begin with, but will run solely on renewable fuel once the infrastructure makes this possible.
By making this change, the expected CO2 emissions produced will reduce by up to 80% on average, according to the firms.
Johanna Salomonsson Lind, senior vice president and head of people transport solutions at Scania, said: “Our ambition is to be a front-runner in the shift towards sustainable transport, and this collaboration with Flix represents a significant step in that direction.
“Biogas solutions are truly circular, and they’re possible to implement today, providing a sustainable solution that meets climate targets and reinforces social responsibility.
“The coaches also represent a smart and sensible choice, because they supply the range and power needed to support any route, at low cost in terms of both investment and operating economy.
“We are extremely happy to do this jointly with Flix as we know that a wide implementation of biogas solutions can have such a positive impact, not only for the operator, but also for authorities and society at large.”
Scania has strong experience with biogas buses, including supplying Nottingham City Transport with the largest fleet of biogas double deck buses in the world.

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