Flexibility key as DP CleanTech signs biomass plant contract

Biomass facility providers DP CleanTech has signed off on a new Philippines-based 12MW biomass power plant in partnership with Asea One Power.

The plant will become part of an overall 42MW clean energy initiative to meet the increasing power supply required by the regions of Panay and Guimaras. The plant will be constructed in the Aklan province and hopes to add a meaningful contribution to reducing carbon emissions and creating new jobs.

‘We are pleased to be working with Asea One, as one of the pioneers in biomass energy investments in the Philippines’ says DP CleanTech CEO Simon Parker. ‘We have a shared vision to develop and use the most efficient and reliable solutions and technologies which will help to ensure that biomass energy becomes an integral source of economic growth and prosperity in the Philippines.’

DP CleanTech claim most of the plant’s feedstock will come from local sustainable agricultural rice crop residues, like rice husk and rice straw, as well as woodchips. However, the thermal combustion boiler has been further refined to ensure future fuel flexibility, meaning sugarcane waste and coco leafwood could also be utilised.

The project is due to be completed by April 2014.

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