First producer signs up to biomethane certification scheme

Future Biogas, a UK-based builder and operator of anaerobic digestion plants, is to become the first registered producer to join the Biomethane Certification Scheme (BMCS) run by private limited company Green Gas Trading.

The BMCS is an independent certification scheme was set up to provide both a credible process for certifying biomethane and a trading platform to facilitate the trading of certificates.

The biomethane certificates issued under the scheme can be traded separately from the physical commodity gas, allowing the certificate owner to transact the physical commodity at the market price for that product while seeking the highest economic value for the Biomethane Certificate.

Trading the gas and the certificates separately makes it possible to maximise the value of this exceedingly low carbon, green gas at a market determined price.

Future Biogas MD Philipp Lukas says: 'We believe it is essential to provide the right traceability of biomethane's green credentials. Furthermore, the use of a registry and accreditation means the certificates should be tradable across boarders if the opportunity arises in the future.'

Future Biogas officially opened its first biomethane-to-grid plant at Doncaster on 3 December. It was delivered in partnership with National Grid and is now injecting gas into the grid in Yorkshire.

'We believe that the BMCS methodology that certifies the embedded carbon in the biomethane production process is the key to acceptance of biomethane certificates as an offset for carbon reporting purposes,' Grant Ashton, CEO of Green Gas Trading, comments.

Green Gas Trading was established in May 2012 and is owned by 32 shareholders.

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