First CHP for Isle of Wight

In the UK the Isle of Wight’s first combined heat and power (CHP) generator has been granted planning permission.

Following opposition from Calbourne Parish Council, the councillors did a U-turn and decided to support the facility as long as noise and emission levels produced by the generator were frequently monitored.

With the capacity to generate 100KW of electricity and 250KW of heat, the generator, built by Stafford-based manufacturer Talbott’s, will utilise wood chips, wood pellets and renewable energy crops such as switchgrass and reed canary grass grown on Elm Farm.

It will produce enough energy to power up to 150 tonnes and any excess energy will be fed to the National Grid. The generator’s carbon dioxide (CO2) output is minimal and will to a 300-tonne reduction in CO2, the equivalent of taking 150 cars off the road.

‘The project has long been in preparation and now we can get on and set up for electricity generation,’ said agricultural expert Ray Tucker.

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