Finnish city to welcome biogas-fuelled buses

Six new biogas-fuelled buses will be introduced in the city of Hämeenlinna, Finland at the end of August.

The buses, which belong to Vekka Group and were developed in collaboration with Gasum, will reduce public transport emissions in the city by almost 500 tonnes, supporting its objective to increase the use of sustainable transport and alternative fuels.

Supplied by Scania Finland, the buses will operate in the city’s public transport services 1, 3, and 11, the contract for which was awarded to the Vekka Group in competitive tendering in 2019.

Demand for gas in the Hämeenlinna area has been increasing rapidly in recent years, according to Gasum. The firm says it has responded to this demand by increasing the service capacity of Hämeenlinna’s Tiiriö filling station through the installation of a larger gas storage unit and an additional compressor.

Tomi Vasiljev, Vekka Group’s CEO, said: “It’s great that we’re able to offer cleaner public transport for people in Hämeenlinna. As far as we know, we’re the first and only bus company using environmentally friendly fuel forms in the area.

“It’s important for us to take environmental considerations into account in our investments in the future too.”

“It’s been great to see in recent years how well the gas vehicles supplies by us have performed,” commented Ilkka Korpela, Scania Finland’s Oy Key account manager. “All of our customers have been pleased with their purchases without any exceptions.

“Gas-powered vehicles have many superior characteristics that currently make them a highly viable option when considering the investment specifically from the environmental, lifecycle emissions and overall economic perspectives.

“Gas vehicle technology is reliable, the vehicles are quiet, and gas buses provide excellent passenger comfort in urban traffic.”

Gasum sales manager Ville Sipponen added: “It’s been a pleasure to cooperate with the Vekka Group, and it’s great to find that interest in gas-powered buses is clearly on the increase.

“Among the renewable fuels, biogas is one of the most economical options for public transport emission reductions.”

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