Fighting food waste

Based in the Netherlands, Mavitec Green Energy has developed highly efficient and effective equipment to fight food waste and contribute to a circular economy.

Tackling the world’s food waste problems is dependent on many things; a good collection service, solid legislation, and, of course, technology.

When Mavitec Green Energy developed the Paddle Depacker five years ago, it set out to make the process of sorting food waste from packaging as simple and effective as possible. Now, with over 60 installations across Europe, CIS countries and the Middle East, it is safe to say the company is well on its way to achieving its goal.

As food waste is considered more and more as a potential source of energy, successful waste management is about utilising the potential of this waste. The Paddle Depacker separates the organic material from the packaging and produces a > 99.5% output that complies with latest European legislation such as PAS110 (UK) and VEJ nr 9609 af 24/07/2018 (Denmark).

The latest laboratory results show less than 0.4% physical impurities in the organic output from various types of...

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