Fields of opportunity

Neil Watkins, co-founder of UK-based Energy Crops Consultancy, explains how his company is utilising a growing market for energy crops to provide sustainable solutions.

In a difficult economic climate, it is essential to keep our sights on preserving the environment, while continuing to produce, innovate, and improve the ways that we provide global energy solutions. Using wood biomass for energy generation, Energy Crops Consultancy has launched its first strategy to provide one of those solutions.

In light of the latest renewable energy targets introduced in the UK, there is an increasing demand for wood biomass. The optimum solution to this will always be a crop with high yield, high energy value, and one that improves the soil for future use.

Energy crops are low-cost and low-maintenance, predominantly grown for energy production by combustion. They can offer a multitude of benefits, from increasing revenue and minimising workloads, to creating sustainable, rich environments for wildlife.

Sustainable energy solutions

Energy crops have recently been highlighted...

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