Feedstock research agreement signed in Brazil

Global research company FuturaGene, which focuses on plant genetics development for forestry, biopower and biofuels markets, is to collaborate with the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture research organisation EMBRAPA after the signing of a cooperation framework agreement.

The pair will research eucalyptus and other tree species with an aim of increasing the development of sustainable energy in Brazil and other territories.

The first project already agreed under the partnership is to incorporate an aluminium-tolerant gene from EMBRAPA into FuturaGene eucalyptus germplasm to try and increase yields in areas affected by aluminium toxicity in the soil.

‘Agro-forestry is a key weapon in fighting climate change and driving socio-economic development.  Yield enhancement through genetic modification is an important factor in sustainable intensification of agro-forestry,’ says FuturaGene CEO Stanley Hirsch. ‘These joint research and development projects will improve the genetic diversity and resilience of plantation species and their capacity to restore degraded lands and deal with climate adaptation.’

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