Feasibility study to explore RNG opportunities in Albany, Australia

Energy infrastructure firm ATCO and the Great Southern Development Commission (GSDC) have agreed to undertake a feasibility study into renewable natural gas (RNG) opportunities in Albany.

The First City 100% Renewable Gas Project will assess the viability of injecting RNG into the Albany gas network, providing a low emission energy source for the people of Albany.

Patrick Creaghan, ATCO’s managing director and chief operating officer, said: “Recently, Albany endorsed its Climate change Action Declaration, committing to 100% renewable energy by 2030.

“Reducing carbon emissions by creating a lower emission gas network will assist the city and its people to achieve this goal.

“RNG is essentially treated methane, which is a by-product of existing waste management sites. Rather than burning the methane into the atmosphere, what our feasibility study will investigate is the potential to treat this methane and when clean, blend a percentage into the Albany gas network, which will lower gas emissions across the city.”

Through the GSDC, the Western Australia State Government is providing $20,000 towards the feasibility study, which will examine a proposal to harvest RNG from the North Bannister Waste Facility, south of Perth. The RNG will then be transported by road to Albany and injected into ATCO’s Albany reticulated gas network.

Alannah MacTiernan, Minister for Regional Development, said: “Albany residents take pride in their wind farm’s contribution to Western Australia’s renewable energy position and they would love to know if the same could be said of their gas for cooking and heating.

“Through our Renewable Hydrogen Strategy and other initiatives, the McGowan Government is exploring a range of options to develop a strong position for Western Australia in the renewable energy sector. The prospect of recycled natural gas for Albany would complement these endeavours.”

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