FDE acquires biogas specialist Cryopur

FDE, a carbon-negative energy producer, has acquired 94% of Cryopur, a French company specialising in the treatment of biogas and its liquefaction into LBG and bio-CO2.

Cyropur was created in 2015 by Denis Clodic, former director of the Center for Energy and Processes at Mines ParisTech and co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 for his contributions to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

The company has developed a ‘breakthrough’ patented technology that purifies biogas into bio-CO2 and biomethane before liquefying it into LBG. The bio-CO2 produced through the Cryopur process can be used throughout the entire value chain, including by food industry players while LBG is sold to consumers as a substitute for fossil fuels.

Nearly €30 million has been invested in the development of Cryopur’s process and its implementation. The technology is operational in the UK and Norway, at two biogas production facilities operated by Greenville and Renevo, with a total production capacity to date of 5,000 tons of LBG and 5,000 tons of bio-CO2 annually.

In addition to FDE’s existing activities, focused mainly on the reduction of CO2 equivalent emissions through the capture and recovery of mine gas, the group now includes the upgrading and liquefaction of all types of gas. The integration of Cryopur will maximise the value of FDE’s large gas reserves while strengthening its position on strategic green gas and CO2 markets.

“The development of an innovative industrial company for the production of renewable fuel and the decarbonisations of biogas, but also of flare gas and industrial fumes, requires solid expertise and an agile approach,” said Denis Clodic, founder and technical director of Cryopur.

“The FDE and Cryopur teams have this know-how and this common ambition to take a leading position in the new LBG and fuel decarbonisation markets.”

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